sharing a few personal stories about my hearing grandma named Ella, my Deaf mom’s mother.

Gotta wipe off the smelly substance spewed on us recently. Let’s clean ourselves up and keep eyes focused on those things coming up in the next few weeks…far far more important and necessary to spend our energy on.

Presenting what Ella remembers from information on Deaf subalterns, elites and rebels in Paddy Ladd’s Understanding Deaf Culture: in search of Deafhood, she hopes it helps the struggling Deafblogosphere understand better about the dynamics and become more unifed for much needed actions to rid of the audist system.

Ella shares her thoughts (and a short poem) about the preview of the short film “Gallaudet” by Commerson and Co.

My contribution to Maria Shriver’s April 2010 Poetry Month – a poem originally created in ASL, translated and subtitled in English.

At church for Easter services on April 4, 2010, I had a Deafhood epiphany related to Deaf Theology based on the two verses discussed in the sermon: Romans 6:5-8 and Galatians 5:16-18. Sharing here what came to me and hoping this will lead to further possibilities in Deaf THEOLOGY rather than being stuck in the Mask of Benevolence’s Deaf MINISTRY.

poem created in honor of Dr. Lawrence R. Fleischer who passed away November 1, 2009. The poem, still a work in progress, was performed the first time at the memorial service for Dr. Fleischer at CSUN on January 23, 2010.

Deafhood starts with individual journeys to embrace one’s identity on Earth as Deaf people, but doesn’t stop there. It is also the community’s journey as to what best to do as a group. It goes further to build a framework where we explore the mission and work of our organizations, how we frame the descriptions of Deaf people and issues. It is also the focus of our action, i.e. politics and economics, that our individual Deafhood journeys will prompt us into. Deafhood Foundation is a small example of many potential actions we can focus on. A short explanation of the Foundation’s goals is given.

in response to LSMae’s vlog about her beef as ASL teacher…Ella discusses that we need to embrace the concept that signing in English word order or using initialized signs created cheaply to match any English words are really dishonoring ASL as well as English and actually means signing poor, bad, lousy ASL.

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