(7:56) Why did i choose to label myself with this obsolete, presumedly negative, term “Deaf mute” in the banner introducing this v/blogsite? This vlog explains several reasons, but briefly in English:
Number one: a literal translation of the common sign for DEAF, the index finger covering the ear, then covering the mouth, is DEAF-MUTE…yes, that’s the root meaning, so literally many of us have been saying we are “Deaf mutes” proudly for a long time, smile.

Number two: For an oppressed group, it can be empowering to reclaim for themselves negative terms about that group. Queer and Dyke are degrading terms that have been reclaimed in empowering ways.

I have recently seen some other Deaf folks starting to reclaim the term “Deaf mute”…BUT only us can use that for ourselves. No no to the general public or media or professionals who continue not to understand us or look down on us…you do not yet know how to use “Deaf mute” properly.
So…watch with an open mind…and revisit our language (thus our way of thinking).

(Warning: this video clip is 8 mins long…tried to pare it down more…so I apologize for the length)