Description of the expression “elephant in the room”: it refers to a situation where something major is going on, it’s on everyone’s mind and impossible to ignore — like an elephant in the room. But nobody talks about the “elephant” because nobody knows what to do about it.

For example, Uncle Nimrod is busily getting drunk again at the family Thanksgiving dinner. There’s going to be a drunken scene. But everyone feels powerless and choses to ignore his behavior.

That is how I see AGBell…the elephant in the Deaf room.

English translation follows:

Recently, some Deaf people have ridiculously accused other Deaf people of dictating to hearing parents how they should raise their Deaf children.

Aha! Deaf people dictating to hearing parents? Come on! Never. Not one time did I ever see that actually happening.

All I have ever seen happen is Deaf people simply processing some ideas for solutions but in the parents’ presence Deaf people bend over backwards to accommodate the hearing parents. We quickly set aside our ideas and worry about offending them, fawn over them and give them nothing but gentle advice and sweet talk. We’ve yet to assert or organize ourselves enough to claim our roles as the biggest stakeholders in the Deaf sphere to achieve any kind of dominance in the discourse about the wholesome health of future Deaf generations.

We blame, criticize, pile burdens on each other, setting us up for failure. Hey, we are pointing fingers at the wrong people!

The real culprit of our huge problem IS Alexander Graham Bell and his kind.

AGBell is the “elephant in the Deaf room.”

It’s an overbearing and tyrannical creature, taking up most of the tiny space in our Deaf room, standing arrogantly right smack in middle of room full of all kinds of Deaf people, young and old. In the four corners of that room are hearing parents stressed out with anxiety and fear. Lo and behold, they have been blinded thus unable to see what’s happening in the room!

Right there underneath the belly of the beast are Deaf babies, writhing and wailing in desperation and pain as the elephant plods and moves around, squashing the Deaf infants underfoot.

And as the babies cry out, their blinded parents hear them. Being blinded, they are unable to see that it is actually the elephant who is hurting their babies. They recall all the cautions AGBell has manipulated into their ears that any suffering or failures their babies will encounter will be solely due to the language and influence of Deaf people. Their stress and anxiety increase as they shower blame upon Deaf people for their babies’ anguish.

Meanwhile, outside the room, the AGBell people, the cochlear implant corporations, and other audistic opportunists are raking in the dough off the Deaf Room, growing rich and building luxurious homes, while we Deaf people are stuck in the room squabbling amongst ourselves, some of us making ridiculous claims about our ability to succeed on the outside, and continuing to stare INSIDE the crab pail seeking the roots of our failures.

Well, I’ve got news for you all! We are all stuck right in the room with that damn big fat elephant planted right in our way, and we’re arguing, criticizing, and accusing one another.

Stop! Hold on! What should we be doing instead!?

First, we must look at each other right in our eyes, with respect and equality and learn to love and protect our Sign Language. We must embrace the hearing parents as well. After all, they are in OUR room whether they like it or not.

And together, we push down that wall–push it wide open—and push the elephant right out of the room! And then, only then, with the wall having been demolished, will we FINALLY be able to renovate it into a beautiful mansion, our true HOME, one that’s fitting us all, one that’s long overdue!

These outside our Deaf room are intentionally keeping us all stuck in the small crowded room, because they know that once our mansion is built, our success will be so great that it will cause their sham houses to collapse.

Should we worry about that? Should we feel sorry for them? Let’s look at those people. Do they (AGBell and his rich opportunists) truly care about us and our welfare?–No!

They’re screwing us over, making us blame each other, distracting us from dealing with the elephant itself! As long as they succeed, they continue to rip us off, enjoying their fancy cars, houses, parties and awards.

Enough! Enough of that!

Now is the time to put our focus on the source of our problems, the Elephant itself, and THROW IT OUT of our lives!

That’s what we must do.