December 2007

As it nears Christmas, I recall a speech lesson on how to speak “Merry Christmas” and its results. Then, I review it after the many years, and share my thoughts about it.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year….

Yes, let’s make 2008 a year of steps towards ensuring a healthy, audism-free, life and language for our Deaf babies and children.

(5:24) In response to the recent debates involving the concept of deficit thinking, I share my understanding of what deficit thinking is and that having rights means increased accountability…especially Deaf bloggers who exhibit deficit thinking in discussing Deaf issues using language that is NOT helping elevate Deafhood discussion.

Basically, my understanding of deficit thinking is that because it is believed that a group of people are missing something, in our situation, “hearing”, deficit thinkers produce NEGATIVE reactions, thinking, analysis and actions against that group …RATHER than having a productive and constructive dialogue on various levels exhibiting deep respect for ourselves and our creations, i.e natural Sign Languages (ASL for example)

IT’s time for bloggers (and yes vloggers too) to take accountability in how we use language to critically examine our Deaf lives and to explore ways to push for a STOP to deficit thinking, and to push for CRITICAL EXAMINATION of the AUDISTIC SYSTEM we need to devote our energies and creativities to topple.