November 2007

(4:27) In Paddy Ladd’s “Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood”, he examines the concept of “subaltern”–and describes elite subalterns as well as subaltern-elite.

Here I expand on them, giving some broad descriptions and tendencies.

Which are you?

“Choices” is a buzzword in Deaf-related debates.

We see these frequently: parents’ choices, communication choices, educational choices.

However, in considering the ideal framework to present Deaf people to the world, to decide the ideal for Deaf people, to determine the position to take a stand with…

we have two choices: deafness or Deafhood.
And under them, other and related choices:

deficit thinking or possibility thinking

unexamined or examined

Which should we choose?
deafness, deficit thinking and unexamined
Deafhood, possibility thinking and examined?

These are not compatible. Which would you choose?