July 2007

(This is the message I wrote to most of people in my new Blackberry address book. It is also for all others of you.)

Hi all of you who I’ve been forwarding the updates about the campaign at the AGBell conference today and yesterday:

I realized after getting some of your messages and re-reading the messages I sent to u, that it looked as if I myself wrote the reports or if I were there. Yikes!

Yes I wanted to be there and had planned to be. Weirdly, things keep blocking the purchase of a decent flight ticket so we decided we should heed that message and stayed put at home.

All the messages you received came from the Deaf Bilingual Coalition people who were there at the demonstration especially David Eberwein. I want to take a moment here to thank him for giving his time, energy and money to fly all the way from California to support this protest.

I want to also thank all of those people (including some of you) who donated money, made vlogs, wrote blogs, shared news, ideas and stories that have been profound.

I want to thank the board of CAD for quickly coming to support by helping out with its donation system.

Finally, a very special thank you to the guy, a simple fisherman, by name of John Egbert. He took the first step to making this historical and clear stand against this AGBell giant. We will be indebted to him for many years and possibly generations.

I am proud of the group at that Marriott hotel. I am proud of how they handled everything. I am proud to be part of this movement in my own way and you all should be!

Adios til the next time.

(4:55 mins) In the field of Deaf education, who are the stakeholders? They are hearing parents, hearing employees (i.e.teachers and interpreters), Deaf children and Deaf community. Who are the BIGGEST stakeholders? This vlog discusses who and why.

As for stakeholders related to an enterprise, the biggest are usually those who invest the most thus have the most votes and power in decision making for the enterprise. Those who do not invest as big are not key players. They of course can present their ideas, concerns, proof, etc to try and win over, but those who invest the most are most influential in the final vote.

It seems the opposite in the field of Deaf education. View the vlog and tell me what you think.