(7:54) Wrapping up the fascinating and intense debate about the term “DeafMute”…I pray that at best people’s thinking has been stimulated and that no serious mess-ups or fights occured due to this discussion. In addition to what I said on the video, I want to mention that I have this STRONG conviction that the “public”, i.e. hearing media, hearing bosses, hearing doctors, etc, has NO BUSINESS AT ALL to use that term to describe any of us. ONLY us Deaf folks can use that term to discourse among ourselves. Also, for discussing general issues involving Deaf people, I would just use the blanket term of “Deaf” like many of you thought was the best.
(Aidan, I apologize for using the same boring transition style over and over. I guess I am stuck in that mode until I feel more confident with filming, editing and vlogging. Bear with me.)